The Deep Show

Jeremy Smith & Robin Basil wade through disinformation, propaganda & lies to bring you closer to the truth. going on in today's world.

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    Episode #3 | The Conspiracy Files A to Q

    On this week's episode of The Deep Show we welcome special guest Jefferey Wilson of The Conspiracy Farm to discuss a range of conspiracies from Alien life to JFK's assassination and Q Anon.

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    Episode #2 | The Chill

    On this week’s episode of The Deep Show, Jeremy and Robin discuss the recent banning of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, then comedian Sam Tripoli joins Robin to discuss Kevin Hart stepping down from his hosting gig with the Oscars [13:07}. In the second part of the show [30:50] Robin interviews Jeremy about his experience researching and investigating paranormal activity. Get ready because things are about to get really chilly!

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    Episode #1 | Abuse of Power

    On this episode of "The Deep Show", Robin Basil & Jeremy Smith discuss the life, death and legacy of George H.W. Bush, Jerome Corsi, QAnon & the Clintons. In the second half of the show (52:51) they welcome special guest John Paul Rice of No Restrictions Entertainment, to discuss their most recent film, "A Child's Voice".